Lavander fields (Fiber and Lsystem)

Hi all,

Here is the final image of a lavander field.
Made with gimp and blender2.37, using Fiber2.03(RipSting) and Lsystem1.1.
Render in 4 layers (for memory and process time).
c&c welcomed


Wow! that is very nicely done! a great piece of art. The syle makes me think of the detailed ‘naive’ art style. Lots of colour and high detail.

This is a very nice image. The only thing that I can suggest is to add some windows to the farm. They don’t need to be detailed, just some black rectangles.

very cool, the tree is awesome! I need to go get a new cvs and figure out these much hyped particles… :smiley:

This is the type of image I cannot pass without coment it.
Not because it’s “WOW!” or “COOL” or “FREAKIN’ AWESOME”.

This is just because it’s a picture I consider like real art and I truly would want that signed on my wall. OK, maybe everything isn’t perfect, but the feeling is so fantastic.

Thanks for a masterpiece!

stunning - looks very much like some sort of rpg game actually lol

Alright… everyone look out here comes the newbie question…

How do you render in layers???

If this does what I think it does it could save my accessive poly-gone-mad robot image I was working on…

@deathguppie : here is a tutorial about rendering in passes : , hope it’s useful to you

Very nice

I second the tip of adding windows

It might very well be my monitor, but lavander is… well lavander colour, much more bluish than yours.


Looks great!

only thing that got me is the leaves with holes in them.

I think the barn is fine. Things like windows in a distant object are often left out in a painting, and this is what it reminds me most.

maybe im at too high of a resolution for a 16 inch monitor and they are not holes but smaller leaves. sorry :slight_smile:

Hm… how did you get such beautiful leaves? Is that a gimp brush?

The image is beautiful… superb.
But I also agree… add some windows to the building. it looks too sterile.


I love your art work, would it be possible, if you didn’t mind, to have a larger render so that I could print it off, for my mum, she loves it :smiley:

Well done!

Oh and she said how about the same picture but in different seasons?


hey, this is a very very very very nice picture! I love it!

Great Job, luss! I really like this image. I think a few of the finer details can be brought out, but I could see this as a finished piece…
I agree with the comment about windows, and I also think that the leaves look like partially disentigrated toilet-paper (In texture) Everything else is really good, but just not my style…

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Very artistic!. It looks more like a fine art painting than a 3d render.

Very painterly! Well done. Try playing with different compositions of the same scene.