Lavander fields (Fiber and Lsystem)

(luss) #1

Hi all,

Here is the final image of a lavander field.
Made with gimp and blender2.37, using Fiber2.03(RipSting) and Lsystem1.1.
Render in 4 layers (for memory and process time).
c&c welcomed


(Roy) #2

Wow! that is very nicely done! a great piece of art. The syle makes me think of the detailed ‘naive’ art style. Lots of colour and high detail.

(cipix) #3

This is a very nice image. The only thing that I can suggest is to add some windows to the farm. They don’t need to be detailed, just some black rectangles.

(JellyWerker) #4

very cool, the tree is awesome! I need to go get a new cvs and figure out these much hyped particles… :smiley:

([Kothe]) #5

This is the type of image I cannot pass without coment it.
Not because it’s “WOW!” or “COOL” or “FREAKIN’ AWESOME”.

This is just because it’s a picture I consider like real art and I truly would want that signed on my wall. OK, maybe everything isn’t perfect, but the feeling is so fantastic.

Thanks for a masterpiece!

(Dwarfose) #6

stunning - looks very much like some sort of rpg game actually lol

(deathguppie) #7

Alright… everyone look out here comes the newbie question…

How do you render in layers???

If this does what I think it does it could save my accessive poly-gone-mad robot image I was working on…

(amuntianu) #8

@deathguppie : here is a tutorial about rendering in passes : , hope it’s useful to you

(S68) #9

Very nice

I second the tip of adding windows

It might very well be my monitor, but lavander is… well lavander colour, much more bluish than yours.


(infurno) #10

Looks great!

only thing that got me is the leaves with holes in them.

I think the barn is fine. Things like windows in a distant object are often left out in a painting, and this is what it reminds me most.

maybe im at too high of a resolution for a 16 inch monitor and they are not holes but smaller leaves. sorry :slight_smile:

(paroneayea) #11

Hm… how did you get such beautiful leaves? Is that a gimp brush?

The image is beautiful… superb.
But I also agree… add some windows to the building. it looks too sterile.

(kencanvey) #12


I love your art work, would it be possible, if you didn’t mind, to have a larger render so that I could print it off, for my mum, she loves it :smiley:

Well done!

Oh and she said how about the same picture but in different seasons?


(endi) #13

hey, this is a very very very very nice picture! I love it!

(Ongnissim) #14

Great Job, luss! I really like this image. I think a few of the finer details can be brought out, but I could see this as a finished piece…
I agree with the comment about windows, and I also think that the leaves look like partially disentigrated toilet-paper (In texture) Everything else is really good, but just not my style…

Hold on Tight,

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P.S. Don’t hate me for trying out my program to anyone who reads this post.
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(JA-forreal) #15

Very artistic!. It looks more like a fine art painting than a 3d render.

(Martin) #16

Very painterly! Well done. Try playing with different compositions of the same scene.