Lavarch house

Hi guys! I would like to share with you my latest project. My friend who works as an architect asked me if I can create a visualization for one of his projects. He gave me freedom with the setting of camera and lighting. I wanted to create interesting evening mood, that is why I chose this angle and position of HDRI map.

This is a final render of this visualization project. What do you guys think?

Afterwards, I tried to upgrade the design and the look of the house.

Which one do you like the most? Original or changed one? Try to find 8 differences :slight_smile:

the 8 columns? :slight_smile:

I like the image. Well done!
I prefer the first one.

One thing that could be enhanced is the grass. I think you should raise the density of the grass clumps

@marcatore I just find out that 8 columns are not the only thing that changed, but you win! As price, you can search for more differences :slight_smile:

I also like the first one better :slight_smile: Those shadows of beams somehow lead my eyes to the building, and in the second picture one I think something is missing (plus, I see the “hanging” part of house collapsing :D). But I really love the lightning and overall mood of the picture… I see there’s a long way for me for achieving this results :slight_smile:

I was also worried if I delete those columns it will collapse, but I pressed x and it didn´t :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Definitely the first one, the shadows ad a lot.

I like the first image…really nice work. I always comment on the landscape because that is my area of expertise, but I only have 2 issues: 1. The little shrubby things at the edge of the drive - I would beef that up and make it more deliberate. A monoculture is great to compliment contemporary architectural design. You spent a lot of hard work designing the house, don’t forget to design the outdoor spaces
2. If someone is spending high dollars for a nice house like this, they will likely have a very well manicured sod lawn, not a bunch of weeds. Check out Andrea Cochran for some landscape inspiration. Cheers

Thanks for the source of inspiration and also for your comment. I am glad that you showed what to focus more on.

ooh er, lovely stuff. I do agree that a well manicured lawn might be more appropriate for the house.

Lovely, I like the first one the best as the shadows help guide the eyes to the house. The trees also look great, did you make them yourself?

Thanks. Yes, I made them - I learned how to use the Grove, an add-on that is perfect for generating trees.