Law Firm Identity

My recent work- Identity for Law Firm located in Poland.
Made in Blender 2.71 + Cycles.


And some more…


very Nice Render…I love Cycle…Well done

*MortezaT.19 - thanks :slight_smile: I like Cycles too. This is only renderer which I currently use, although I thought about using Vray with blender but I still didn’t find appropriate tutorials for this one. Cycles is good for my skills for now :wink:

best regards, paulina

This is a render?! I swear this is so realistic! Good job!

wow nice!!

This is an original project, I think the pencils are too perfect to be true, it is a nice job, I think You spend more time doing this than it appear because the identity of the firm, it is professional.

*Ventosa- thank You very much, things You’ve said are very important to me, because I always try to be as close to realism as I can. So thanks again :wink:

*blue box- tnahks :slight_smile:

*juanrav- thanks for Your comment. :slight_smile:
To be true I didn’t spend too much time on this project. I designed and made logo few month ago, then I made also a business cards but now the firm wanted me to make other stuff like paper, letterhead, envelopes, folders… So I thought it could be a good idea to show them my concept in renders. The concept and realizations doesn’t took me much time. I made these project from conception to renders in two days.

as a Graphic Designer I think it’s indeed very interesting to be able to show concepts to clients in an interesting way. This really helps sell your ideas more effectively. Also nice and sober design. Suits a lawfirm. Great work.

Nice identity look and classy presentation, but the typography in the rubber stamp is just an eyesore. Why not use the same fonts used in the identity?
Sorry for a bit straight feedback, but I am still yet to see any situation where the blender default font (if it truly is that) would work well :rolleyes:

*Soring-thanks :slight_smile: Blender is a great tool to show things like this one to client. Especially with Cycles :slight_smile:

*DeaDEnD- thank You very much. I know what You mean with the font. Original idea was to use the font from identity but I had some difficulties with importing my font. Blender crashed during this import. And because the stamp isn’t a part of project (I used it here because I thought it might look well on renders) I left it as it is. When I figure out why Blender crashes, I will re-render those images. :slight_smile:

Best, paulina.

Great design, I really like. But I would emphasize that this is a law firm, for example, to put a statue of Themis.