Lawn Man?!

This is " lawn man ", I guess. In Turkey we call it " çim adam ". I searched it in the dictionary. But I couldn’t find a word in English for " çim adam ". Please let me know if you know what it is :evilgrin:

Anyway this was a couple hours of work. Monitor, keyboard and desk is pre-modelled ( by myself ).

It’s a chia pet. It got that name in English because the original terra-cotta figurines sprouted chia instead of grass, however, the name stuck for any kind of doll that grows its own hair.

Thanks for the information! :slight_smile:
I have a dictionary of Cambridge(2005). And I couldn’t find this. Hope they put this into dictionaries asap.

Cambridge, England? I have no idea what they call these in England. Chia Pet is an Americanism.