lawnmower racing. (fixed paint job)

ok, on discovery channel, I saw a whole segment on lawnmower racing. omg. what are we coming to??

So… I designed and modeled one!!

it is WIP, so suggestions appreciated :slight_smile:

bummer the treads dont really show in the main pic… so heres a closeup. the tire tread is not a texture, its modeled.

MrNeil - Pandora

p.s. national lawnmower racing association:

dam! that is one fine lookin mower! thats brilliant, i only(!) have three suggestions

1 get rid of the go faster stripe under the seat, it’d look better just on the “bonnet”
2 tread patterns to the tires
3 add a grill to the front, where the 43 is painted

great colour choice! red is the fastest colour, and even faster when its got white racing stripes. then of course its just red, and the blue with white racing stripes, then blue. rock on.

Did you ever see the show Home Improvement? There was one show where they raced lawnmowers and Tim put a helicopter jet engine on the back. But anyways sweet model.

aaah home improvement, that takes me back. . . grimmace

HEY! I remeber that episode and he had a helmet cam too, if I recall…

Mowing the lawn is no longer a time-consuming chore! :wink:

i cant imagine what it would do to my yard…


that looks really good
you should put flames on it

Very nice :slight_smile:


All you have to do now is to make an animated race too!

that looks excellent, how about an animation while your at it? the tyres look really nice, however the body seems a bit too clean and shiny, a dirt texture maybe? that would help a bunch.


Of course it’s shiny! in the rendering, it’s on a pedastal. clearly, this is a showroom model! :wink:

exactly! it is a showroom kinda thing. I thought about putting some dirt, and chipped paint on, but I did want the showroom look. Though… i ‘still’ think the paint is a bit shinier than it should be.

MrNeil - Pandora

hey, thats awesome <still!> id make the black bumper bars in front and between the wheels shiny too next. . .

When can I have a go on it? Can i have a go on it? Pleeeease.


Brilliant, I think the metalic paint is fine. The sports steering wheel is a wicked touch. Please don’t get it muddy! Oh and the bull bars would look good wrapped in chrome.


>>>>>>You’re too big to ride that!
<<<<<<What do you mean I’m too big?
>>>>>>You’re 6’7" tall you idiot, you’ll never fit!