Lay words please

What exactly is shearing in the cloth dynamics settings? In the world to shear is to cut, is this what you meann? Also does dampening increase or decrease the action? These terms are not explained anywhere very well & learning the software is hard enough without has to guess- imate. Please someone help me. Thx. Luv ya! :grin::innocent::grinning:

For 2.79 version you can refer to this manual:

For 2.80 version, manual is planned to be updated in the first weeks of June according to this release plan.
There are also tooltips appear when you hover over your mouse to the parameters.

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Thx but I’ve scoured the manuals. I even downloaded them unless they updated them since last month. They give explainations like, " Bending Dampining: Damps the amount of bending." How is that helpful unless you know what dampining of bending mean ( I do know what bending means at least)? I need explaination for their explainations lol. Thx though. I appreciate it.:money_mouth_face::blush: