Layer animation.....

I’ve been hunting for a resource and no luck so far.


Cannot keyframe layer changes for objects.

(as eg.- keyframe simple cube on layer-1 at frame-1, then advance to frame-2, move cube to layer-2 and keyframe it there…no luck.)

Tutorials seem to work on 2.63 but not on 2.65a.


Try right-clicking the layer and inserting a keyframe under Layers: in the Relations dropdown in the Object panel (the one with an orange cube), next frame moving it to a new layer with m, then rightclicking the new layer and inserting a new keyframe.

Never mind, that was just some broken thing in my build that didn’t work like intended. :ba:

Edit: Here’s a workaround. Keyframe the restrict renderability (camera icon) in the outliner. If you need stuff to appear with the cube or something, just have them unticked with a keyframe, then on another frame insert a new keyframe with it ticked and they will appear. It’s kind of backwards and I’m not sure what you’re trying to do, but it may work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch. The workaround does the job, I have really limited layer needs on this project. For the future, does this mean the layer animate function just doesn’t work? I suspect there are users with needs deeper than mine will be missing it…