layer buttons disappear

where did they go and why did they go there? just a space where they were on the tool bar, and its only one window. I’m sure there’s an easy answer… but what is it?

If you are talking about the layer buttons on the 3d window header – it isn’t visible in edit mode, try going to object mode. Also in object mode the layer buttons won’t be visible if you have pressed the numpad “/” key which hides all the objects that aren’t currently selected and centers the screen around the selected object(s). So if you are in object mode and the layer buttons still aren’t visible try pressing the numpad “/” key.


Try press “/” on the numeric keyboard ?

edit : too late

They’re not visible / accessible in EDIT mode.

Also, if you’ve split the screen into multiple windows, the window may not be wide enough to display them.

If neither of those is the case, then post a screenshot.


Us Canadians are a helpfull lot :slight_smile:


thanks for that. / worked well. still don’t know why some things are happening, but I need to learn more to be able to ask dumber questions, and I will. thx

One thing to remember about Blender’s UI is that it is very context-sensitive. Tools will be available based upon the current mode that you’re in (Object, Edit, etc.). Also, the effects of keystrokes is dependent upon where your mousepointer is located.

Happy Blendering!