layer buttons missing

Hi! Please, don’t laugh:no:. I feel so stupid asking this but I spent to much time trying to solve it and there is no way. I also didn’t found any information on this forum or googling it.
I cant find the layer buttons of the bottom bar anyway. In all tutorials users have this buttons by default, but I cant locate it.
Here i post a photo with the buttons i’m referring surrounded with a yellow border.

Hope someone can help me, of course after laughter from me…! haha

In the top left hand corner of the 3d viewport you can see if you are in Global or Local view. Use Numpad / key (or from the View menu) to toggle between them. The layers panel does not show in loval view
Wiki entry:

Make sure you are in ‘scene mode’ and not ‘object edit mode’. Hit the tab key to switch. I’ve done this more than once myself. :wink:

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I found it! thank you very much!
I <3 u!