Layer IPO

Can someone point me to a guide or tutorial? The 2.3 Guide book shows that this function exists, but doesn’t really explain how to create and use it. I want to make an object switch from one layer to another during an animation; attempts at discovering how to make this IPO work have not been completely successful. TIA.

Press I-Key with your mouse cursor in the buttons window.


Right, if you select an object and hit [i] you will get your insert key menu and one of the selections is layer. Do this in the beginning of your animation and again on any frame that you want the layer to change.

hope that helps

or - in the IPO window, left-click on the layer channel (from the list to the right), and then ctrl+leftclick in the IPO-window to add layer keys

Thanks to all who replied. I’m putting the pieces of this puzzle together. I found a bit in the elYsiun Knowledge Base by aiziba.