layer not rendering in image

OK so i’m trying to do a bullet animation seen in the tutorial : im at the end trying to render the animation but the layer with the shattered glass isnt showing up. The lighting bullet and camera on on one layer, the solid glass is on another, and the broken glass is on another, the smoke is on a different scene. When i try to render it it just does the bullet, particles a smoke and the glass doesnt show up at all.

How are we supposed to help you if you don’t even supply a download link to your blend file.
Without that all we can tell you is to actually follow the tutorial

Did you do the part about render layers as in the tutorial (from 01:09:40 to 01:11:10)?

Sorry new to this, putting it on dropbox cause i cant put it as attachment:


In 3 d view menuline - layers…3 layer are not turned on…Shift left click them and it should render…Render here…:slight_smile:

Only made a test render of 1 frame, but all render.

If it wasn’t that ,post again to get help from a more experience Member…:slight_smile:


still nothing