Layer Painter - Material Editing With Layers - RELEASED

I’m taking a little break from all the node stuff and doing some texture painting features:
If anyone can help with this it would be great!:

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I just posted the proposal for the light reactive material preview in 2D on Right Click Select:


Hi Joshua,

Any chance that the beta is ready?

Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time last week but it should be ready towards the end of this one.
I still want to get a few things in place like the basic mask system.
The first beta will probably not have any sort of baking yet this will come afterwards.

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No worries. Please take your time. I’m just very eager to test since I would like to develop some sort of a work flow before the semester speeds up.

Speaking of mask system, is it possible to have some sort of a stain mask in layer painter? image

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You mean as a procedural mask? Because you could of course paint one.
If we’re talking procedural I think it would be possible to some degree although I’d have to see how to do it. If you manage to do it with a node group let me know and I’d be happy to add it by default.

Got the basics of the mask system done. You can add multiple masks per channel just like the filters and they will also be displayed in the layer stack. There are “filter masks” and other masks: Filter masks are things like the color ramp which takes the previous values as an input and changes that in some way. Normal masks will just be multiplied with the previous values. You can as always create custom mask groups.

There is still one problem though: You can’t add layer or group masks yet. This is mainly because it’d be quite hard to have the filter masks work with that. I know the basic concept of how I want to do the other ones but I’m not sure about those.


I added some UI to the custom assets. Previously you needed to edit the json files, now you have an actual interface for this. You can still edit the files to save, share and use them in later versions of the addon.
You can add paths to folders for the textures that will be shown with the thumbnails, custom filters which can be node groups with paths or just normal nodes, vector fx and mask groups. Node Layers will come as well when they are implemented.

Aaand we have layer masks. This took me a while to find a good solution for this but I’m pretty happy with the result: The addon creates a node group for each layer which contains the layer masks. These will have an effect on all channels of that layer and will be overlayed over the channel masks, meaning you can have channel masks and add layer masks on top.
This was one of the major things I needed to do before the beta (or probably alpha). I’ll add the group masks later, I’ll focus on some other things now.

Group visibility is working as well, I’ll add the basic texture painting stuff now and then I’ll publish a version for you to test. Lots of important features like baking are still missing but it’s probably good to test these basic features as well.


Joshua, this additions look great! As you mentioned yourself, baking is quit an important feature.

I already tried using current version of Layer Painter for a character with multiple UDIMs (instead of Mari) in production enviroment. And it works quit well, but I have to manually change every created texture type to tiled. Blenders current baking system does not really supports UDIMs right now. I have quit an elaborate setup for baking to multiple UDIMs which involves animating texture UV coordinates.

Obviously UDIMs are not your priority and it is a new feature, but currently there is simply no other painting program to my knowledge (except Substance Painter UDIMs closed Beta, i have no access to) with high quality real-time preview and “paint over” UDIMs support simultaniously.

I am probably not the first one to ask you about UDIMs workflow support. But what would be your plans in this regard?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I definitely want to support udims as well as possible for this version. I haven’t really used them myself yet but I’ll look into them when I get further into that area.
If you have already figured out a way to do some of the things I might get back with some questions to you when I come to developing those.

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Sounds good… I am afraid my limited baking “hacks” are going to be any good for your implementation. But I am always open to any question.

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The V1.2 alpha for blender 2.83 is now up on blendermarket and gumroad! It’d be great if you could test it out even though a lot of features aren’t there yet.
If you find any issues you can have a look on the trello board:
If the issue isn’t there yet please let me know so I can fix it. When I update the alpha I’ll post here on blenderartists to let you know.


Hi Joshua,

Thank you for the update! It’s very exciting.

Just as an fyi, immediately, I noticed that once I link my asset folder in the preference, activating layer painter takes forever. Is this an expected issue? How can I mitigate this?

How many files do you have roughly in your asset folder?

At least 200… I’m currently bypassing the asset issue by using an asset manager separately and relinking the textures per map.

Well I guess then it is because all the preview images have to be generated by blender. How long does it take to activate?

Approximately 4 minutes. And even then the previews will not generate quickly enough to be usable.

Oh wow that’s surprising. I only tested with a few files and if didn’t have any impact on the activation.
I’ll test it with more files and see what I can do to optimize it.