Layer visibility options (like LightWave Modeler)?

I come to Blender from LightWave 3D. In LightWave Modeler, which has layers very similar to Blender’s, one can show some layers as black wireframes. Objects on such layers are not selectable and cannot be effected.

Generally, this is done when the artist wants to reference the location of objects in the scene without taking a chance at selecting something. It’s something I’m used to doing, and I find myself wanting to do it in Blender. Is there an option like this in Blender?

Thanks in advance!

You can not set draw type for Objects depending on layers they are - it’s set individually for Object. Edit-ability is set in Outliner - arrow icon.
There are simplest python 3-liners around allowing to set things for multiple selected objects. This can be assigned to some key combo if needed.

try layer manager update - wire and lock mode for layer objects.

Thanks for the help! That layer manager suggestion. One question: Do I need to install both the original and the update, or just the update script? I’m new to both Blender and scripts.

Ok, I installed and found it. I couldn’t locate the resulting new interface options at first. -Bit it looks GREAT. Thanks!

I still can’t find the new interface options. How do you access it?

For blender 2.71 there will be a ‘Layer’ tab in the toolshelf (shortcut T to toggle on/off toolshelf)