Layer weight practice

Hi everyone:), This is my first post here.
I’ve been modeling stuff on my desk these days and this glass is one of them. I didn’t know what layer weight is unless I created this but it is worth a lot.
Reference_ Glass(linen) design by Aino Aalto from iittala.

:lemon: from Poliigon

I hope you like it. Thank you.


Look good! Can you give some more details about how you used Layer Weight in this project?

Well that’s a strong first post, looks great.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you:)

Thank you for your massage. I used node like a pic below and facing brought a better result this time though shadow doesn’t look good :frowning: Here are a pic of node, a reference that I took. Btw, You and your works always inspire me to keep practicing blender, Bureaubruin-san. I hope this helps you.

Thank you so much for you message, Bart-san. I got motivated!!

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