Layer weirdness -now with sample!

I’m modelling happily, press some unknown button and everything disappears on me , including the (i think ) layer palette thingie below the main window …argh!!! :eek:

I haven’t found that mystery button yet, nor do I ever wish to press it again.

It says in the layer palette that ‘num, shift, num’ is supposed to toggle between layers but somehow it’s different from that. Besides which, I’m on a Mac and I can’t find the ‘num’ button.


Marco :slight_smile:

You were probably hitting “/” which is the shortcut key for Local View (only show selected objects).

Also, “num” means the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 keys on your keyboard (not on the numpad).


hi there!

Thanks but it’s more than just ‘local’ …hitting ‘local’ would still allow me to toggle between viewig everything<->viewing the selected object.

When I unwittingly hit that freak key command, I only get a choice between selected object <-> zilch.


Marco :slight_smile:

hey, what’s ftp for.

hang on I’ll give you all the .blend in a moment.


I feel like a total jackass… I’m aware it’s most probably just one of the more obscure layer functions but it’s effectively ruining models for me at the moment.

Local view is pretty much the only thing that makes the layer button disappear from the 3d view header (beside edit mode).

So if it’s not that, I don’t have a clue.


Seems like you’re just zoomed way out past the clip end, so every objects (on layer 1) just disappears.

You can press HOME to recenter the view on your scene.


Holy zooming out batman :eek:

Why thanks sir! Worked. How could i be so blinkered …

Where’s that home buton located?


Where’s that home buton located?
If you’re on a macbook, it a appears that you are out of luck.
Maybe one of your Fn keys does it.