Layered Fluid Color Help! [Noob Question?]

Hey guys,

Ive got a fluid simulation of honey going but an important aspect of honey would be to let less light through the ‘thicker’ the amount of fluid there is.
i.e - When 1cm of ‘honey’ fluid, certain colour, When 2cm of ‘honey’ fluid, certain colour but darker.
How would I go about getting this property? I am using Raytrace for the transparency in blender render.

My apologies if my question is hard to understand.



Assuming you are using Cycles, then you need to add ‘volume Absorption’ to the volume of the material
There is a value for the density of the material on this node
This is a very quick experiment (I am not happy about the edges of the honey), but should give you the idea:

Best of luck


If you dont want to use volumetrics (i.e. for speed on the GPU) - you can use the light path trick.