Layered transparency in eevee?


In the scene I am currently working on, I want to create a glass container filled with some colored transparent liquid. In cycles this is working perfectly but in eevee only the first object is rendered correctly, the second one just disappears where it is overlapping with the first transparent object. To illustrate the problem I created a simple scene with two transparent planes. Is there any solution to get this working in eevee?



Use a normal transparent shader in this case:

Eevee has some limitations for advanced refraction and related features. These are the areas where raytracing is stronger.

That will work with the planes but for my liquid filled jar I need some refraction going on or at least something that looks like it’s refracting.

You can turn off screen space refraction for the second object’s material and it will be seen through the first. It’s not going to get you anywhere near Cycles. As mentioned in the documentation, EEVEE can only really do one refraction event.

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Thanks, I will give it a try. I don’t need 100% accuracy, it just has to look reasonable.

Good tip thanks