layering masks

I’m trying to setup a scene where the light streak and particles first moves along the front of the screen and later behind the clock. The truss with the letters should be in front always…

I’m having trouble with layering the masks…
What is wrong with my setup?


Maybe try this

Thanks a lot, looks promising, sure going to try it later tonight!!

One small-but-important point here: if you’re dealing with a project that’s big enough that “everything does not happen in just one render,” you will need to be sure that you are using the MultiLayer OpenEXR file format throughout, and that all of the necessary “layers” of information are in fact being produced.

Since MultiLayer OpenEXR is a “file per frame” format, render just one frame, then :mad: make(!) :mad: sure(!!) :mad: by actually examining :mad: the actual content :mad: of that one file, before you go to sleep. (Uh huh, voice of painful experience here!)