layering materials

Is it possible to have, say, 3 alpha mapped materials on one object? i have a few and i need to put them all on one object. the base color will be dark green, then ill have an alpha map for the next part. i need the alpha mapped parts to show the base green material, and the rest to be the material i assign to it (which needs to have higher spec and stuff). ill have about 2 other alpha map materials stacked on it, and they will all have different materials.

if that didn’t make sense, tell me what i need to clarify.

Yes, just “Add” another one. Up to 16 on one mesh.

Press F6 and click a blank button under the “Tex” button. Then “Add New” appears.

yeah, i thought about that after i had posted this :smiley: . but the problem im having is getting the alpha map to show the transparent areas as the base material. and also, i cant, for the life of me, get the material to line up with the plane. its all at this angle and that no matter what i do :x . are there any tutorials for this?

Try this tutorial. It takes 4 minutes to do, but you learn a lot!

Now, use the Alpha images in that tutorial. They will always be aligned exactly the way you want.

thanks for the tut. can i UV map more than one texture to one face?
edit: and also have them each have their own specularity settings and RayMorror ect… ?

Yes, and no need to go to the UV Editor, you need to do that once for the first texture. All of the following textures will be based on that first one. So you can load up to a toatl of 16 different ones at one time.