Layers for texture paint: new addon

Firstly, Letterip has added this to “contrib” (which makes it one step closer to trunk!.. it may even make trunk after the next stable build is out the door, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:

To test contrib addons:…ontrib_scripts

If you don’t want to check out using svn then get it from here for a direct download: ( is the one you want)…cripts/addons/

I’ve added more “add” buttons, so you can now add almost all of the types you can make a texture influence from within paint mode…

the exceptions are displace (everyone uses the modifier right?) and warp (which I don’t know if it shows up in GLSL…

I also haven’t added any particle types :wink:

note that this and all future updates are in contrib


adds a layer stack like photoshop/gimp to the “n” key area of the 3d view…

and here live bump painting using the new bump algo in gLSL:

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Damn man that’s good stuff!

Where can I download this script from?

EDIT: The link to the script on the blender site is just text.

I fixed the link…

Follow the projects link above, go to the attachments tab and there should be a download link there!

Is this already in the trunk? cause it’s a must have feature, congratulations and thanks for you great work.

When I try enabling the script I get this error;

Location:<Unknown Location>:-1

Location:<Unknown Location>:-1
Traceback<Most recent call last>:
File… , line 123, in poll
Return (context.sculpt_object or context.texture_paint_object)
AttributeError: ‘Context’ object has no attribute 'texture_paint_object;

Location:<Unknown Location>:-1

Location:<Unknown Location>:-1

I’m using Blender 2.56.6 r 36007, it’s the official RC2 from

EDIT: It would seem it’s still working, I can see it in the N panel.

EDIT2: Just had a play about with it, it’s absolutely awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:

Michael, you were absent from a forum for a while, but you cooked something really tasty!!! Mmmmmmm! Thanks!

I’m feeling blind here :slight_smile: I can’t seem to find the download link anywhere at the bottom of the page is the attachment tab

Great addon Michael. Really simplifies default setup for those basic texture sets.

I looked all over the wiki page too - no link there, but you can find it here under the attachments tab:

Hi cambo did a recent change -

  •    elif context.texture_paint_object:
  •    elif context.image_paint_object:

so you will need to change texture_paint_object to image_paint_object in the script

Hmm that still doesn’t work for me even though I don’t get any errors.

Gee if I read directions much easier to find :slight_smile: Was looking in the panels of the UV editor, not the mesh tools panel.

Works fine here. Really love having bump etc auto setup.


this definitely makes life much easier for the artist. You add a lot of convenience stuff that I had planned thanks a great deal :slight_smile:

I’d recommend a few minor improvements

  1. add the selector popup for image texture resolution when you set color/bump/spec/etc. and have a selector for the color and specular probably.

  2. The image names should probably be OBNAME_COLOR instead of COLOR etc. Also I have no idea where the images are going on first save.

1st of April is long gone man !!!

Great script add-on


My experiments are proving this to be a great script - thanks.

My suggestion - I would love an option to add alpha maps also.

love the screenshot. Should be in call for screenshots… :wink:
Just in full size, ofcource.

Letterip, I thought I. Got all those image_paint_object syntax, changes… will change!
Do you think I should add a file selector for save then?

Names will probably change as you suggested, but color should be added as a filled option I guess…
Need a code example for the popup:… can pop-ups do callback?

El probably grab you on irc soon.

Liquid ape, will add alpha soon!

Michael - it doesn’t work with 2.57 RC1 on Windows XP 64 bit but… respect man, great work!


see what others think regarding my suggestions - just minor things that I noticed. For the popup you might check how it is done for the UV tools stuff.