Layer's glow is showing though

So i need some help. again. Im finishing up my scene with some effects in the compositor and im having an issue. Render layer 1 is the main scene and layer 2 consists of the lighting. Layer 1 has a “box” that surrounds the lighting. I added some Fast Gaussian Blur to the light and when it is finished compositing, the light bulbs show through the box. i tried layer masking, but it didnt help. I am so close to finishing so a fix would be a lifesaver!!

It is hard to guess without at least a screeny of the node setup. Did you try turning on layer mask? Then use the z alpha for mask? Maybe the ID mask could help here?

Remember to set the object pass indice in the Object’s “object” info panel.

Here is a screenshot of my node layout. I may have some of the mix nodes set wrong but i was having trouble getting a clear image and these settings are working best so far. And you were referring to the object Pass Index #? What should i set that to? The object showing through is labeled “FlourTube” and the object that its showing through is labeled “FlourBox”.