layers gone, miss them

sorry to post all these noobie q’s, but 2.37 is getting me confused. I got my model more or less going, but at some point the layer buttons disappeared. What did I do? Can I have them back?

You are probably in local view mode. Press / on the numeric keypad.

yup, that was it

I have to take a deep look at the manual, didnt now about view modes, thanks cipix

found it (just in case anybody bumps here with the same one)

Local view

When in local view, only the selected objects are displayed, which can make editing easier in complex scenes. To enter local view, first select the objects you want and then use the View>>Local View Menu entry; use the View>>Global View Menu entry to go back to Global View.

The hotkey is NUM/, which toggles Local/Global View.

The byproduct of this is the layers buttons dissapear, I guess because this is a ‘restricted’ view

Thanks, nf3. That’s a new one on me. I wonder if it’s a very useful feature.

There’s always something new to learn with Blender. My biggest problem is keeping it all in this thimble-sized brain bucket of mine.