Layers in Edit Mode?

I’ve noticed show and hide layers function is turn off while in mesh editing mode. Is there a way to overwrite it? I’m using layers like tracing paper, so it would be great if I can show/hide layers without exiting edit mode.

Use the scene layers control in render layers properties.

Hotkeys should also work. Shift+(alt)+#number

It seems that only works in Viewport Rendered mode which can’t edit mesh.

What I’m trying to do is model an Object A based on Object B, each object is on its own layer. So I can toggle show/hide layers to see modeling progress while in Edit Mode. Current workarounds are either exiting Edit Mode to gain access to layers management and then get back to Edit mode again, or toggle viewport visibility from Outliner. Neither workarounds aren’t very efficient when compare to layers management.

It might be version difference. I’m on 2.77, and it works fine.

EDIT: Gotta have “use scene layers” turned on.

That is what I was doing wrong. Awesome, many thanks.


Have fun with it.

Side note… I just got this addon, so if you’re trying to have layers while editing the mesh, try this…

I also hate having to switch back and forth from edit to object just to access the layers; the add-on posted above by R3sili3nt (thank you) goes beyond this simple need and it is another panel in the way, the most logic solution would be that they are always accessible from the header, and I don’t see why it should not be so.

About the ‘use Scene Layers’ thing, it works the wrong way to me, and it doesn’t let to freely switch on the layer that you need, rather than make you render visible layers, another bad choice IMHO.

Just my thought.