Layers of Clothing Clipping Through Each other

Hello, I am trying to rig a minecraft style character that has multiple layers of clothing, but I can’t figure out the correct weights to keep the different layers from clipping through each other. The method I have been using is to use the gradient tool from the top spine bone (body_2), then copy and invert that group and renaming it to the bottom spine bone (body). This method works pretty well, but there are some issues with clipping, especially with the buttons. Thanks for any help!

there are ways you can do it with materials that do not require perfect weighting. recent versions of makehuman use such a material that you can study. if you don’t have makehuman, you can download it for free. it works perfectly with blender, because it was originally a blender add-on. there are other ways too, such as using the shrinkwrap modifier, which will keep your clothes an absolute distance from the character mesh. you can also use the corrective shape keys add-on to correct bad deformations that occur with armatures, such as around the shoulders.

I don’t think you’re understanding the problem correctly. If you look bend the spine of the character I posted you will see that the buttons (and to a lesser extent the blue coat) will clip through the underlying pieces of clothing.

I have not looked at the blend, but I am pretty certain any or all of the methods I mentioned can solve the problem you described. If they don’t, use more bones.

Thanks, the corrective shape keys seem to work! I was hoping there would be a lot more systematic way of doing it, since I will be making other similar characters. Thanks.

There probably is a better way. I just don’t know of it off hand.

It’s not always the way that small productions or games do it, but I think the most professional way is not to have layers of clothing at all, but to have a different mesh for each change of costume.