:o Try to follow with some exercices and i encounter some troubles with adding new objects into other layers than the startng one:

  1. When i select another layer and add a cube… the cube appears in the first layer (though the originaly placed object remains invisible)
  2. i may reselect an other layer to get a cube there as many times i want, it will still not appear in the selected layer.
  3. I have found no cut and paste founction that could allow me to take that cube from a layer to another… nor any grab and pull into some other layer
  4. I haven’t found a “create a new layer” inside the outliner neather

What am i doing wrong?

Most of tutorials are somehow jumping over some sort of “too well known things to talk about” and i miss the links between operations.

It puzzles me because i’m more in use with Maya’s layers…

Some help?:spin:

to move objects to different layers press the “m” key then select which layer you want to move it to from the popup. You cannot create more layers, 20 is the limit. Also an object can be on multiple layers at once. So they arent exactly layers i suppose, but this provides some benfits.

Real great!.. Now i can decently go on… :wink:

Also, this sort of thing should really be in the Q&A forums, not the News forum.


Ho! Sorry… I’ll make my thread there (cause this “m” thing doesn’t work)…

Edit: Well, already moved! Thanks!


  1. that damn cube still goes only on the first layer!
  2. I try to choose any other layer to get it in there… but noway! (strange logic)
  3. Trying to press “m” at different stage of the operation, but still that cube remains at its first place…

I’m puzzled (no way to cut and paste this beast into another layer?!)

When am i supposed to do what to get an object in the wished layer?

Please help!

In object mode, select your object and press “M”, and a layer pallet will appear. It is the same pallet of 20 dark squares that appears next to the transform widget control settings in Object Mode. In edit mode, it doesn’t appear.

Also look at the Blender Wiki Manual. Link is in my .sig (and Craigomatic’s).

Oh gosh! I’ve been on Wiki… but the smaller layer pallet appears (discretely) on the same line as the Object or Edit Mode line!! I’ve overseen that and was clicking madly on the Button’s Pallet layer’s pattern!..!
Thank You both. Now i got it! Nice to always learn new stuff… There’s no age for that! :wink:

Can’t wait getting the book and have it right there at hand!