By accident, I’ve gotten the same object twice, on 2 diffrent layers, how do I get rid of one of the two??

select the other one and press the darn delete button.
But if you want to have objects on separate layers you can select an object, then press key M and click the layer you want to put object in.

WARNING: You may have the SAME object on two different layers. So if you delete it, it will be gone from both, from all. see

Layers are basically just a visual device to eliminate clutter, though they do interact with the render layers dialog to determine what actually does get rendered.

So you don’t have the “same object twice”. An object only exists once, each has it’s own name.

The object name is displayed in various places in Blender : bottom left corner of th 3d display, transform properties (“n”), buttons window, outliner … etc.

An object can be on multiple layers as you’ve apparently done. You can press “m” to have it appear on only one layer. (Deselect all the “layer buttons” that you don’t want the object to be on.


thx mike, it worked perfectly