Sorry about this, I know it’s a stupid question but I couldn’t work out how to phrase it correctly to find the right details on google so I decided to ask you lot.
How do I move scene elements between layers?
And, lighting only effects the scene it’s in right?
Thanks in advance to the people who answer these questions.:slight_smile:

select the desired elements/objects, press M key and choose the “good one” in the pop up blue squares!
To control if lights act across different layers you’ve a “layer” button in the “lamps panel”!

if you want to use the same lights is a different scene (I’m talking scene not layers here)

select the lights
press ctrl L > link to the scene you want

now the lights are in both scenes

in the render panle there is a scene variable where you can assign lamp to a specific scene too


are you referring to render layers?

you can assign a lamp to a render layer (but not scene here)