Layout and comments

I prefer the old layout with a blue background

it had on the right the number of peoples having look at it - an intersting statistic

But a better one would include the choice of background color and size of font for the text
May be saved in a cookie for this site
and include a temporary FTP site where you can upload Blend file if required for a temporary time - may be 1 week or 2. or add it to the kind of file you can attached to a post !

I don’t like this new white background - too bright for my sensitive eyes
soon i will have to get a pair of magnifier and shades to look at it !

Tanks & Salutations

There’s already a thread for this:
I agree with you, though. This one is far too bright, and a lot of things seem to merge together in all the whiteness.

We already have a official thread about the new layout, find it in News & Discussion, a sticky thread.