layout problem

Hi all :slight_smile:

i have a problem with “save UV face layout” : the image done with that is not good because when i import it like texture there is a problem :

the image has not the same scale and is not in the same position :mad::mad::mad:

help me please !!! :frowning:

select all the vertacies in your UV layout then move or scale them - looks like they really only need moved. Selecting all and moving is just like the 3d window, Akey for all, Gkey to move and Skey to scale. Move by axis (Xkey in your example) works in the UV editor too.

After re-reading, I’d guess you already know all this. The UV Image Exporter has a button named “Wrap” that looks like it might do something along these lines… give that a punch.

lol thx but i know that :slight_smile:

the problem is that there many elements in my layout, the picture in my first post is a zoom. when i move to align some vertex, the other aren’t align. so i nedd to scale to but this is to comlplex (my mesh is a copter so many different part :frowning: ).

how to save the uv face layout with good scale ? i don’t understand that :frowning: