Layout.template_modifier(modifier) in 2.9. How modifiers are displayed

How to return the previous functionality from version 2.8 ?

for md in ob.modifiers:
            box = layout.template_modifier(md)
            if box:
                # match enum type to our functions, avoids a lookup table.
                getattr(self, md.type)(box, ob, md)

This code doesn’t work because layout.template_modifier(md) no longer takes parameters. And changed to layout.template_modifiers() link to changes

HI NAvel, Did you get it to work again?

Dang it
i wanted to tweak the modifier interface with python…
looks like it is no longer allowed as now everything is in not accesible at all, encoded in cpp

Modifiers, shader effects move from Python to callback on modifier typeinfo (modifier-panels-ui branch)