Lazlomere Landscape


WIP of a Buttermere inspired landscape. The initial topography is a mixture of 30m and 1m data height data from NASA and the Environment Agency. This has then been run through Quadspinner’s Gaea software to remove artifacts, add some details and so on and so forth. This has inevitably altered the base topography so it no longer looks like Buttermere (I’ve also exaggerated the height to make the mountains a bit more dramatic).

Texturing uses the masks created in Gaea and some I’ve created myself in photoshop. Grass and rock textures from and quite a lot of procedural stuff thrown in for good measure and variation. Trees and shrubs are from various places… mainly botaniq and some assets off blendermarket.

Now lit with the Realistic Atmosphere add on. The ‘latest’ version (above) actually shows off a lot of imperfections… but there are bits I like (and bits I really don’t!)

Still lots to do on texturing - needs more layers and variation. Need more going on in the scene too… there are other buildings around the periphery, walls, fences, paths, the main road (if I can be bothered). Think the mountain looks a little too rough at the mo - as if I’ve over-sharpened it in photoshop or something…

Ultimately, not necessarily going for complete photorealism, but something akin to a decent landscape painting… (2nd image has been run through some PS filters to get a painterly effect which I quite like).

Suggestions for improvement - and any good techniques for improving the lighting and atmosphere (and general good tips for environments) would be gratefully received.!


WIP… Landscape at dawn or dusk. Getting there, though the lack of variety in trees is fairly obvious and some odd artifacts here and there. Complete realism I think is impossible. Just going for ‘pleasant scene’.
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A little more playing…


Looks Great so far! :slight_smile:
Terrain looks Great and i especially like that Water Shader! I think some of the Trees could be scaled down a bit as the Trees next to the House at the shore look way too high. This would in turn also increase the sense of depth for the whole image i suppose. And maybe add some smaller Plants next to the shore? Just some ideas

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Thanks for the comments. I originally had a lot of smaller shrubs but the render kept crashing - but I agree it looks a bit bare. Hadn’t noticed the trees, but now you mention it they do look a bit tall!
Much appreciated!

Did the Render crash while using GPU or CPU compute? CUDA for example needs to put the whole scene into VRAM only even with a combined compute so in a recent project of mine i also needed to use CPU-only render to prevent it from crashing while rendering ( 3 GB VRAM vs 16 GB RAM). Not sure if you already knew this , because the Scene doesnt look that memory intensive so far :slight_smile:

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Possibly not one to look too closely at, as getting closer to the shore shows up a lot of imperfections! Good for spotting things to sort out (particularly textures). Needs a ‘proper’ beach.

The scene is now lit with the Realistic Atmosphere (1.1) add on. Took a little work to get the textures sorted out - but think the trees look OK. Now the mountain is closer, I think the bump is inverted and far too strong?? :thinking:

I like my sheep though :laughing:

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Latest… with some help from photoshop.

Actually you don’t have to put whole scene into VRAM. Only objects that affect directly or indirectly in scene.

Scene can be split to multiple passes where every pass is fit to GPU memory.

I render sky and most or all clouds to HDRI and distant background in horizont to one pass, baking it to HDRI and then rest of scene in second pass.


Also before rendering in GPU, modifiers are applied before so it is possible use simplify (selecting highest texture size and subdivision level) in render settings and use put decimate modifier to reduce polygons.

Bump map could use some work, but it already looks good, love the last picture with the sunset

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