Lazy Asset Manager

File browser-style asset management add-on.

You can browse the folder like a file browser and import the data in the blend file individually, and export all data types as a blend file.

You can also import FBX / OBJ using an existing external add-on.



Blender Market



  • Export various data as a new blend file
  • Browse files on your PC
  • Import the individual data in the blend file
  • Open blend file as working data
  • Import fbx, obj, etc.


The text of the menu corresponds to Japanese.

File Browser

You can move between folders and perform basic file operations like a file browser.

  • Move between folders
  • Search file name
  • Sort by name, modification date, size, file type, etc.
  • Rename folders / blend files
  • Move files to Trash
  • Bookmark
    • Register the current folder as a bookmark ・ Open the bookmark directory
  • Open auto-category folder
    • Opens an auto-classification folder for object collection material node groups
  • Open your home directory
    • Open your home directory from the house icon


Export as Blend File


Exports various data in the current blend file as a new blend file.


  • object
    • Export selected objects
    • Linked to a temporary scene in a new blend file
  • collection
    • Export the active collection
  • material
    • Export the active material of the active object
  • Node group
    • Export the active node group of the material of the active object
  • Other
    • Export various other data
    • You need to choose the data type and data name


You can select the folder to export.

  • Current folder
    • Export to the currently open folder
  • Automatic classification
    • Export to your home directory by separating folders by type
    • Each folder can be changed
  • Pack textures
    • Packs all the textures used in the material of the object
    • Include textures in your data to prevent broken links
    • ‘Other data types’ are not supported
    • If you don’t want to use this, it’s a good idea to make all textures absolute paths before exporting.
      • File> External data> Everything in absolute path

Other specifications

  • If the existing file name is the same, it will be overwritten
  • If it cannot be exported, an error message will be displayed in red letters.


Imports the data in the blend file into the current blend file.

Browse the data in the blend file and import it individually

From the ▷ icon, you can browse the data in the blend file and import it individually.

Various data types

You can import various data types.

  • Open blend file
    • Open as a working file instead of importing the data
  • All Data
    • Import all data
  • Object
    • Linked to active collection
  • Collection
    • Linked to the active view layer
  • Material
    • Assigned to the material of the active object
  • Other Data
    • Other data will be import without being linked to existing ones

Import Options


  • Use operator options
    • Allows you to open the importer screen and change settings without running the operator immediately
  • Import type
    • You can choose from link append
  • Load UI
    • Load the UI for the “Open blend file” option

Import FBX, OBJ, etc.

Use the importer add-on built into Blender to import the extension.
The corresponding extension can be increased from the options.

  • The operator id name must be “import_scene.extension name”
  • Example import_scene.fbx

Home directory

  • After enabling the add-on, first set your home directory
  • If you change your home directory, the auto-category folder for export will change relative to your new home directory
      • Processed only if the old home directory is included in the path of the auto-classified folder
  • You can return to your home directory from the house icon in your file browser

Other specifications

  • You can edit the file path by Ctrl + clicking
  • Shift + click the folder icon to open the folder in Explorer etc.



Asset manager add-ons are commonplace, but I developed a file browser format instead of a thumbnail view format.

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2 questions : Can it import and export Asset Wizard files? Can it save Luxcore materials and nodes?

It is available if they are blend files.
Please note that there is no function to display thumbnails.

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