Lazy weekend Videos

Modeled and rendered in Blender3d, simple and fun! I tried to work on some techniques that I always wanted to try and this is what came out… Pyschicturmoil ThenITwas

I wonder how could you make the second one. The flash light is so amazing.

flash light? You mean the volumetrics? It’s really easy, you just make a spotlight on a second layer and make it layer only and specify whatever parameters you want to use such as the buffer shadows and halo steps (16 or whatever). Put that lightsource a good way away from the camera and then select it and make it face directly at the camera. After you have that set up you have a glaring beam of volumetric light at whatever color you want but you need some objects to block the light. It doesn’t really matter what you use cause you won’t notice the details of the objects anyhow so just use cubes and make them black. Form a bunch of tiny cubes around the lightsource and you’re done. Move the cubes a little bit and you’ll get some neat effects over time.

How did you do the flashing interior? Lights, or an animated material? You didn’t do that with IPO curves did you?

Wow that’s like a windows media visualization. Lol that pretty cool except you should have made the triangles look like arrows towards the end and made them go the same direction. Eh whatever it’s your project or finished work so.

lol Go ahead and give ideas man that what feeds my desire to do these! That and I needed something to do while the in-laws were here 8 ) The flashing interior was done with 6 small sphere limited dupliverted particle lamps. I think that’s how to describe it…?? It was a fun experiment. I need to have a schnazzier ending though so next time I have some free time I might add something else.