Lazy Weight Tool

I myself thought that the same part should be improved, so I improved it with ver1.3.0.

    1. symmetry
    1. Normalization of active only / Disabling normalization
    1. Numeric settings not related to brush weight

1. The pie menu cannot be used when selecting an armature

This was due to a conflict between the keymap and alt + F of Quaternions Flip (pose.quaternions_flip) in pause mode.
In the future, the pie menu will be overwritten even in pause mode, and it will be corrected by incorporating Quaternions Flip into the pie menu.

4. In the pie menu, add to the right and subtract to the left

Hesitates because the menu is too big.
Please try the button “Replace / Add / Subtract” next to image 0.05 in ver1.3.0.



About symmetry, I actually meant having mirroring weight for BONE.L after assigning manually to BONE.R, which is what we get when weight painting. But this kind of symmetry is one I didn’t realized users will also need!

Yeah, both Alt+F and Shift+G conflicts. Looking at User Preferences > Keymap > Filter by Key-Binding, many other combinations like Shift+X seems vacant. Or better yet (maybe), let user define their own hotkey through User Preferences. Seen many addons do that.

OK, I don’t know what I need. Tried your solution, and it works good enough for my purposes.

I see you used bpy.ops.object operators for these. I think there’s more can be done about this, there seems to be more options, will look into it.

If only mesh object is selected, vertex_group_normalize_all operator’s group_select_mode argument only accepts ALL.

But if an armature is also selected, other options are available:

  • BONE_SELECT: Normalize only selected pose bones,
  • BONE_DEFORM: Normalize all deforming pose bones.

It’s BONE_DEFORM that I meant by point #3 above. LWP already included the ALL option, so maybe you’d like to include them too if an armature is also selected.

Thanks for the add / subtract by increment feature, I already use them extensively for my works!

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Fantastic tool and for the price you cannot get any better, i will buy soon since i will need to do a lot of weighting.

This was so useful in Max.

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I think the Shift + X is good position and easy to press.
Adopt it and change the keymap.


understood. Implement BONE_SELECT / BONE_DEFORM options.
Thank you for that information :smile:

[Lazy Weight Tool] ver1.4.0 Numeric setting function

enhancement, menu addition for operators and extended vertex groups, etc.

Added normalization options to numerical settings. ・ Bug fixes for mirror options, changed pie menu to Shift + X, and added loop selection clicks similar to mesh editing.

Numeric setting

  • User can change each of the 7 values
    • You can change the default value with the leftmost Ⅴ icon
  • Value can be set to brush weight value
    • [●] icon at the top
  • Changed to not work for vertices belonging to locked vertex groups
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue where the mirror option was heavy due to a typographical error.

Added option types for normalization

  • Added “Lock active” option
  • Add only selected bones and only deformed bones
    • Selected Pose Bone
    • Deform Pose Bone
    • These two options require a bone to be selected

Simple brush menu

  • Displays weight, radius, and strength
  • Switch between smooth or hard brush shapes
  • Switch between mix, add and subtract brushes

Weight related operator menu

  • You can display the menu that was in Blender2.7x


  • Add mirror selection
  • Add half selection
    • Select the opposite side of the object axis
    • When used with a weight mirror, weight copying to the other side can be easily performed

Vertex groups that allow regular expression filtering

A 3-line vertex group search list is displayed side by side.
By default, it is displayed as follows.

  • Left row …… “ Vertex group not displayed in the middle row / right business”

  • Center line …… " Vertex group with .L at the end of the line "

  • Right row …… " Vertex group with .R at the end of the line "

  • Regular expressions are available

  • Rename can be done with Shift + click

  • [Known bugs] The list will not be scrollable, so there will be a long menu with a large number of vertex groups

Weight table

  • Added highlight function for specific weight value
    • There is a bug that does not work if the value after the decimal point is fine
  • A little lighter
  • Hide more than 2000 vertices to avoid apparent crash
  • The table function is not stable yet . Crash when selecting at once in box selection etc.


Change pie menu keymap to Shift + X

* Changed the keymap to Shift + X because there was a problem that the pie menu could not be used when selecting an armature

  • It was because there was a conflict between keymap and alt + F of Quaternions Flip (pose.quaternions_flip) in pause mode

Added loop selection and shortest path selection with double mouse click

Loop selection can be selected in the same way as mesh editing with alt + left mouse double click.

function Keymap
Loop selection Alt + double click left mouse
Loop selection (extended) Alt + Shift + left mouse click
Shortest path selection Ctrl + Shift + left mouse click

ver1.5.0 Weight table is now available

Major updates

The alpha weight table function can now be used normally.
Vertex weights and assigned vertex groups can be displayed in a table and edited.
Mainly the weight table function has been improved.

  • Fixed weight table crash
  • Added scroll function
  • Added function to add / delete vertices to vertex group
  • Change the display of only selected vertices to optional
  • Added option to exclude hidden vertices, etc.

Weight table improvements

Vertex weights and assigned vertex groups can be displayed in a table and edited.

Fixed weight table crash

  • Weight table no longer crashes
  • Added a scrolling feature to limit the vertex menu to be displayed at once and avoid crashes
  • It seems that it was due to the load of displaying a large number of menus at once

Added scroll function

  • Scroll number
  • When the number of numbers displayed at a time is 500 or more, a warning is displayed
    • Blender crashes when there are many menus to display at once

Added function to add / delete vertices to vertex group

  • Accessible from the + / - icon

Change the display of only selected vertices to optional

  • You can choose between selected vertices or all vertices

Added option to exclude hidden vertices


  • Separate weight table menu as separate panel
  • Split add-on files and organize them internally

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the keymap could not be edited in the add-on settings

Hi Bookyakuno,
I just purchased this tool because I come from a 3DS Max background so it feels really familiar to me.
I was wondering however if it would be possible to add a copy/paste function for mirroring weights also just like you have in 3DS Max?
Preferably with the ability to mirror based off of vertex selection and a mirror position tolerance.

copy / paste and Mirror Function

At this time, there are no plans to implement those features with this add-on.
Because, a similar feature already exists in the “Weight Paint Tools” add-on developed by JoseConseco.

(I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t know how useful this is)

OK cool, thanks for the reply!
I have used his hair tool already and its pretty good so I will check this out for sure.

ver1.6.0 Update

Cell highlight strengthen / mesh selection function the support of the other mode

Strengthen the cell highlight function

In cell highlight function of, we added some Obushon.

  • Hit target is the same as the value
  • Hit the target is greater than or equal to the value
  • Hit the target is less than or equal to the value
  • Increase or decrease the number of digits allowed to
    • Resolved an issue that does not successfully hit the cell where there is a fine point
  • Eliminate the hit cell, an embossing

Also supports the mesh selection function in other modes

In mesh selection of image Paint mode and vertex paint mode, now supports the following functions.

  • Scaling
  • Shortest path selection
  • Loop selection
  • Link selection
  • Add pie menu (shift + X)

Add the function of the vertex group auxiliary function

  • “Add an empty vertex group of which is a pair of mirror”
  • “Delete empty vertex group of”

It can be accessed from the [∨] menu of the vertex group.
Implements on the basis of the function of the Scramble Addon.

Add a link selection

You can access from the L key.


Some of the features name, a description, translated into Japanese

Organize the display a menu of add-on set

Such as the key map add-on set menu from individually enabled or disabled can.

We have excluded the menu switching operation from the undo

Now to prevent unintended operation by the undo.


ver1.7.0 Improvement of set weight function / Bug fix / Display of vertex index

Set weight

Improved symmetry function

  • Adopted a more rational symmetry method to improve speed and eliminate defects

Added “clean” option

  • After performing set weights, you can remove the vertex group assignment for vertices with zero weight
  • Utilizes standard “clean” operators


  • As the number of items has increased, we have arranged the menu after execution
  • You can now access various options from the icon in the header
  • Fixed an issue where weights could not be assigned properly with locked vertex groups

Weight table

Added vertex index display function

  • You can now edit while watching the vertex number in the weight table
  • Accessible from the icon in the header of the weight table panel


  • You can now access various options from the icon in the header

Other changes and bug fixes

  • Added " Wait Gradient " and " Wait Transfer " buttons, which are standard functions, to the “Operator” panel .
  • In the regular expression vertex group, various search menus are summarized in the search icon.
  • Fixed regexable vertex group renaming not working in Blender 2.83

ver1.7.1 Added slider display option to weight table

Added slider display option to weight table

It makes it easier to see the weight strength.

You can disable it from the top right menu


  • Minor correction of brush menu layout

Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue in Set Weight where the individually configurable button next to Smooth reflected the main type setting instead of its own type setting
  • Internally, I modified and organized the file structure of the add-on

ver1.7.2 small improvement to the set weight

I updated a small improvement to the set weight function.
Better behavior when there is no active vertex group.

  • if no active vertex group exists, create new vertex group and add weight
  • and when the bone associated with the mesh is selected in pose mode, a new vertex group with the bone name is automatically added.

ver1.7.3 Small Bug fixed

Fixed the problem that the display disappears when the keymap is edited in the keymap tab of add-on settings.

ver1.7.4 Bug fix of keymap

Fixed a problem that keymap could not be registered in weight paint vertex selection due to change of use of Blender2.83

Hi, Is it available on 2.9version?

Yes, my supported add-ons are also available in Blender 2.90-.

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Improved weight transfer

The wait transfer function has been divided into new menu classifications from within the operator.
Added the automatic setting function of the weight transfer modifier.

Automatic setting of weight transfer modifier


Automatically set up a data transfer modifier to transfer vertex groups.

Set the weight transfer modifier on the active object to transfer the vertex group of the second selected object.

How to use

  1. Select two objects in the order of source> transfer destination
  2. Run wait transfer modifier
  3. Modifiers are set for the active object


  • Only Selected
    • Transfer weights only to the selected part
    • Set the vertex group with the selected vertex as the mask vertex group
    • A vertex group called " select_mask " is added
  • Generate data layer
    • If there is no destination vertex group, a new one will be created.
  • Active vertex group only
    • Transfers only the active vertex group of the source object
  • Apply modifier

This modifier is sorted first in the modifier order.

Weight transfer modifier (selection only)

Set the weight transfer modifier to a vertex group with the selected vertices as the masking vertex group.

Improvements for empty vertex groups

Added an option to the add-on vertex group menu display to make it easier to identify empty vertex groups.
It makes it easier to identify only the assigned vertex groups, or find useless vertex group assignments.

Finds unassigned vertex group names from all vertices.
In the case of high poly mesh, the menu display will be slow.

  • Darken empty vertex group
  • Hide empty vertex group
  • Selection only
    • Select only the selected vertices to search

Speed ​​up the delete empty vertex group feature

We reviewed the script and improved the processing speed.
Added an option to exclude locked vertex groups from deletion.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where menus were not removed when the add-on was disabled.


The default settings for the left and right filters in the add-on vertex group no longer match at the end of the line.
Fixed an issue where bone names such as Rigify’s “〇〇. L.001” were not filtered well.

  • old …… \ .L$
  • new …… \ .L

ver1.9.0 Update

Added copy / paste function of weight / Enhanced weight transfer function / Weighted object intersection

I implemented the weight copy / paste function, strengthened the existing function, and made other minor corrections and improvements.

Added copy / paste function for weights

Added the ability to copy and paste weights.
This is especially useful when you want to match the weights of a separated mesh or another object.

To use it, select the vertices and execute “Copy Weights”, then select the vertices you want to paste and execute “Paste Weights”.



You can make a more suitable paste for each option.


Paste with the weight of a single vertex.
There must be one source vertex.

Local coordinates

Paste weights on close vertices relative to the object’s local coordinates.
You can paste accurately to a mesh with the same origin and vertex position.

Global coordinates

Paste weights for vertices close to each other relative to global coordinates.
You can paste exactly to a close mesh, regardless of the origin of the object.


Paste weights for vertices with the same vertex index.
Great for meshes that have been duplicated from the source, have not been edited, and have only been transformed.

Mix mode

You can change the blend mode when assigning weights.
You can select replace / add / subtract.


You can change how close the vertices are allowed.

All vertex groups

Targets all vertex groups. Enabled by default.

Precautions for local coordinate / global coordinate mode

In the local coordinate / global coordinate mode, weights are set for nearby vertices as many times as the number of copy source vertices.

(Even if you paste a copy of low poly weights to high poly, it will only be reflected in the number of vertices of the copy source.) For
meshes with significantly different topologies, use the weight transfer function.


  • Copy weights Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Paste weights Ctrl + Shift + V

You can also access it from the Shift + X pie menu.

Enhanced wait transfer function options


An option has been added to the “Automatic setting of wait transfer modifier” function.
Options can be changed after the operator is run or from the bottom of the menu.

Added options

  • mapping
    • Changed the default setting to closest vertex
  • Mix coefficient
  • Maximum distance
  • Ray distance

The modifier is now applied immediately when executed with Ctrl + click.

Bug fixes

Fixed the problem that a new vertex group with the same name is always created in the create data layer option.

Weighting object intersections

Weights the overlapping parts of the selected objects.
The dynamic paint modifier is used for processing.

  • Lazy Weight Tool Panel Menu> Accessed from within the operator



  • New vertex group
  • Mix mode
    • Weight composition method
  • distance
    • Enlarge the intersection
  • strength
    • Weight strength
  • Wireframe display of other objects
    • Wireframe display for non-active objects to make weights easier to see


  • Added copy / paste of weights and operator menu to pie menu (Sfhit + X)
  • Changed the order of set weights in the panel menu
    • Main function due to more menu items
  • Added “Select All (Deselect) (Ctrl + A)” to the keymap
  • In the wait table, a warning message is displayed in edit mode.
    • (The weight table cannot display the exact mesh in edit mode)
  • Changed the name of the blend mode option when assigning weights
    • old …… type
    • new …… Mix mode

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the symmetry function was not working in Blender2.91 due to the specification change of the symmetry option.
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