LBA (Lega Basket Serie A) 50th logo animation

Happy holiday to everyone!

This year the top :basketball: Basketball league of my country (:it:) celebrate itโ€™s 50th anniversary!

We made a simple animation of their logo that we would like to share before the year ends.

We were asked to not alterate the shapes and the materials of the original 2D version you can see below, so we opted for some subtle animated bump mapped textures/videos.

The latest video shows a small breakdown of the scene setup+animation and some comments on the techniques used.

The black background is indeed representing the aplha channel, as the video was meant to be played above other basketball related propretary footage.

I follow the BA forum, but Iโ€™m most active on Twitter, if you need a speed lighting fast answer you can join the discussion there:

Happy blending!