LCD Monitor

This might be a repeating topic, but I couldn’t find any similar posts about this.
I’m looking for a new monitor, preferably a LCD monitor for my computer. As a person interested in graphics it should represent color pretty well (black is really black, and white is really white etc…).

Do anyone have some recommandations about which LCD monitor to buy?

Thanks for your help




CRT is the way forward:

Look at those low, low prices and they will outperform even high quality LCDs.

This is the only suitable replacement for CRT:

but we’ll have to wait a bit.

Or this maybe:

What osxrules said is true. Lcd monitors only look good on your desk, but for anyone involved in graphics, they are really bad news. Of course, the good news is the low low price of crt monitors today. Get yourself a nice 21" flatscreen crt monitor for less than a standard 17" lcd monitor. Infact, treat yourself to a nice dual screen setup of two 20" crt monitors.

I was thinking about the same. Today I have a 17" monitor, 8 years old (or more??). I put some money into it when I bought it, I still have a clear good picture. Sometimes I hear a beeping sound when it shows light/white pictures, it may be time for retirement on this one soon.

Drawback of CRT’s is its size and weight. Maybe I can go for a dual setup, one LCD for the programming and keep my old monitor for the graphics work.