LCSM seams

When I follow Greybeards LCSM video tutorial I get a seam at every place I have marked an edge. How can I remedy this?

You are supposed to get seams on the edges where you marked - that’s the whole point.
When you go into “F” mode and choose LSCM unwrap - it will slice along those seams to unwrap your mesh.

If you want to remove the seams - go into edit mode (TAB) and select all “A” and then press Ctrl-E and choose clear seam - it will clear all of them.


I mean a seam in the final uvmapped texture

If I understood your question correctly you have to carefully paint your texture so that it matches across the seams. UV Mapping is always a compromise between distortion (stretching) and the number of seams (more difficult painting).


Oh. Maybe you are still in “F” (Face select) mode. It would then show the seams and the texture at the same time. Press “F” to leave and then make sure you are in texture-view-mode in a 3d window to see your uv-texture.


I’d just like to propose that you take a look at Zbrush.

I am big fan of blender and free programs, but I have to say that Zbrush2.0 fills in a gap between Photoshop and Blender that is very much needed.

Not only will it UV map for you automatically, but you can take exisiting mapping and paint it while its on the model.

Zbrush is like photoshop in 3d, you can paint texture right on and it automatically puts it in the right spot on the texture.

Also you can bake material and lighting right into the texture, allowing for easy exportation.

Sorry if this sounds like an ad for Zbrush, but I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool for UV mapping blender models.(and for sculpting, modelling ect)

pricetag around US$ 500,- and a learning curve as steep as the slopes of aspen…
you can download the demovesion for win and mac, watch the videos-tuts at ( or )…and give it a go!!

its an awesome tool, but still 500,-$ ; thats a lot of cash for software for most ppl around here… :expressionless: