Le château magique - Music video - animation with blender


I started working on blender 10 years ago, to design a dragon head in 3D to carve it into wood, to make the head of my music instrument, a hurdy gurdy. 10 years later I am back on blender to do a full music video with animation. I started back from the head and draw in 3D the full instrument, and the castles. My friend Youcef Krib did the trees, vegetation and gears on blender too. The final clip is a mix between live action and animation. Each animation was animated in Blender, then I did all the lightning, clouds and colors on After effect.
Enjoy :slight_smile: :

If you want to learn more about my music, check out my website : www.guilhemdesq.com

Here is few screenshots, so you can see what was done on blender and what was post processed in AE :slight_smile: