Le France Residence

Hi guys! Inspired by the homework assignment of Andrew Price in AA, i am trying to do the Le France Residence…

Please, tell me what do you think!

Reference Image and Last Render are attached

Here is at FullSize



tiny update!

Last progress before finishing touches…

This is really cool. The only thing I see is maybe some color variation in the grass. Add some dark greens and some dead grass to make the grass not look plastic.

I think the concrete texture could be a little more rough and varied.

Hey guys! thanks for your comments!

I add some text to the pots.

I varied the grass textura a little.
Thanks for that advice totoroteto!

Modron, are you talking about the floor texture?

wow !!! great job!!!

Good job on the grass that really sells it.

Hi guys!

If you don’t have any other sugestion, I think is going to Finished Projects…

I corrected the angle of the camera, add some grunge, add some material to the walls, and improve the water…

Please, coment and critic!


good work !!! May be some improvement on the fountain and a concentric wave modifier on the water surface. Concerning the glass surface, Personally I always put a very light displacement texture on the windows because the reflection is never totally perfect because of the
Windows rolling process.
beautiful render :slight_smile:

It looks pretty cool but I still don’t really like the perspective, I would Point the camera normal/parallel to one side of a wall.
also I think it should be more widescreen.
And I would make the sky more desaturatet/white, compare to photos.
And maybe the leaf texture in the foreground is not the best one

@Zakousky Thanks! I did not know the first thing about the window rolling process. I will add some distortion to the reflection and check how to create that concentric wave you’re talking about.

@arcrudl Yes, as you said I am taking the photo as a reference. That is why I a using that angle. But of course, I have some artistic freedom, for example, I tried with a desatured sky but really shut off the render. About the foreground leafes, I think yo’re right.


btw it’s really fun to play with kodachrome and other filters (output raw, increase gamma a lot,and exposure), I think the brighter parts would get more whiteish too.

If you want, you can have a look this tuto to understand the basis of this modifier. Once again beautifull work !!!

I love the different stone work.

Twitch84 Thanks man, the big pot plant needs some work and now I want to improve the big block of stone which contains the address number…

Zakousky Look at this! I dont know how I missed it, it’s awesome. Thanks!!

I like a lot your result, I hope to do a render like this someday, just there is a flying leaf in the last render of the house.

Cool ! You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Ok, this is it.
From here, to Finished Projects.
It was a long road, but I finally get there… :slight_smile:

Thanks to all of you who help me to improve my render.
You are awesome. This Site rocks!

feel free to coment and critic.