Le Rue d'Automne

Hello everyone!
In my latest artwotk (Le Rue d’Automne) I tried to recreate an oil-painted draw of a small town by a river. (Well, that’s more a streetview rather than a whole town!).
As usual, I was aiming to work on a semi-procedural material which, starting from basic color texture, would be able to tunr 'em into a way more hand painted textures, and…well, after 10 days of work, I’m pretty happy with the final result!

Le Rue d’Automne

The render was done using Cycles (2.79) and took ~5minute to complete.
As the most of my artworks, the majority of render layers involved are just flat color or b/w masks, so no more than 50-100 samples were set to have perfectly noise-free images.

From Top to Bottom:
Flat Colors, Water Layer, Hard Shadow Layer, Fake Rimlights, Ambient Light Color.

I really like to play with all those basic renders image with different color mix setup (overlay, darken, multiply) to kinda “reconstruct” the image back and the addition of extra stroke-like textures plus some image-displace effect in compositingwere the final touch to get this kinda of illustrated style.

Also, the majority of the House models were took from sketchfab under CC license, so I’d like to thanks all those people which made their work available for everyone else! Without them I’d probably spent weeks and weeks just by modelling all the props!

Houses: ALex, 3DMaesen, linhtatoo, DerMische, Denis Loginovskiy, Nikolay, DafVader.
Fiat 500: Francesco Coldesina.




Stunning. :+1:

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I can’t believe it! It looks entirely hand-painted! Looks like something I would find in an art museum. Good job!

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Totally amazing ! :scream: Love it !! :heart_eyes:

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Wow ! Very stunning. Would be super cool to see some subtle animation / camera movement.


Absolutely gorgeous! Great work.

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You’re #featured! :+1:

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really awesome, I love the style. Congrats!!!

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Thanks everyone for the positive vibes!
And a big thanks! to @bartv for featuring me, that’s so much appreciated! : )

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I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy :slight_smile:

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Talented :+1:

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Looks outstanding! Love it! Did you model the people? I’ve been wanting to include people in my scenes but I get bored with the rigging and clothing.

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is the title in French ?
if it is then it should be " La rue d’automne "

but looking good in any case

happy cl

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Thanks Robert!
The people in the scenes comes from a people-package I’ve bought a while ago!
(Yeah, that’s something that bores me aswell : D )
I’ve just rigged the really quick for posing and made proper materials to fit the scene : )

The title is indeed French…and I’m not, and this explain why I messed up XD

Fantastic! I’ve been painting in acrylic for WAY longer than I’ve been doing 3D, and this is really superb.

I really like the way this is more painterly than photo-realistic.
In general I like works that don’t advertise how they are created
Great …

Very cool… interesting to attempt to use 3d digital media to create a 2d painted image

@ProstkaLutz @omnivorist @inky

Thanks! : )

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To learn more about this work, see the article that Davide wrote for BlenderNation: