Le Salon(Need Character Modelers!!)

Hello everyone,i introduce you my untextured saloon version of my short movie that will take place in an old stylish saloon or bar,anyway these are some screen pictures of the place:

And the final unfinished one is in the next below post,anyway as you will see below,the scene is not complete yet and needs more Assests and elements(lot of beers,cups,and many more…)

And this is final(till now) unfinished saloon,and ready to have your comments on the mistakes and possible improvements for it,and really need good blender modelers to model the rest and many Assests remained:

And this is the reference image i tried as much as possible to bring the 2 scenes together,but i changed some parts in it such as the bar,several components…and others.

Looks pretty good so far, but I’d work on balancing the handrails. In the reference, they’re (mostly) the same height everywhere. It looks disorienting if they’re not balanced.

Yes I see,the handrails are not balanced and need to be fixed,I’ve tried several times to fix them but failed,so I would be grateful if you give a hand,and thanks for your help :).

This is the latest render of the unfinished saloon scene(added some objects,changed whole scale,added some bears,piano,deer head…)
it needs more bottles of beer and avoiding to have lapping of same bottles,glasses…and the final scene of the saloon will be posted after adding more details in the below post after this one:

The first thing I would do is switch to orthographic view (numpad 5 toggles between orthographic and perspective), and work on the relative dimensions, rather than trying to get it to look right for the camera. If the dimensions are correct, then it will look good for the camera. In most architecture, there is a huge amount of symmetry.

I drew some lines on your render:
RED - Move the orange line down to the red line. This will make it even with the left stairway
BLUE - Rough outline of the left handrail for the first set of stairs

If I were you, I would turn on orthographic view, and go back and forth between front and side view (numpad 1 and 3) to match up the heights of everything. Press G to move selected vertices, and Z right afterwards to constrain it to the Z-axis.

As far as the crooked handrail posts… I’d deal with that after fixing the other parts. You may even be able to keep them like that.

Good luck! :smiley:

Hmm,know what,I think you could improve these mistakes and you know what are you doing ;),because i didn’t understood you well where your idea located or mistakes are :).
I’ll send you the .blend file of the buildings to fix them.

I think you can do the barman table shorter, and so also the terrace more to the left; it will match more the one on the photo and you will have a smaller local with the same details without having to go crazy on repeating them :slight_smile:

The pickets on the angled railing aren’t vertical either.

Hi rich,yes i know that they aren’t vertical,and it will be fixed soon in the final render.

Hi Mik,for the barman table,i see it small to me and need to be a bit taller,and that’s because i didn’t compare it to the walls,if i compare it seems tall,but the walls are tall comparing them to the other objects in the scene,yes you are right the terrace really must be moved to left i think that i gave it much space :).

This is the .blend file for building:

Test_01.zip (739 KB)

No, it’s not about the height, i was meaning that can be shorten to the left, something like 2, 3 meters, but this depends on your taste…

Aha i understand,i made it that tall in width since there was much space,and needed to be covered,i will shorten it to left and then put the suitable objects in that space (:.

I tried working with the blend file, but didn’t make much progress. I straightened out some of it, but tbh some of the topology needs to be redone. There’s a corner that has a lot of disorganized vertices, and it’s very hard to tell which are connected to what. I don’t know what the extra vertices are meant for (what detail you are trying to add with them).

I recommend deleting the entire right-hand side of the first set of stairs (the stairs that connect to the salon floor), and replacing it with something much simpler. I would have deleted it, but I can’t tell which vertices are part of it, and which are part of the next railing.

For this scene, I would start simple, get the dimensions right, and then add details afterwards. I hope what I’ve done will help. Good luck!

PS. It’s not letting me upload the modified blend… it just says “upload failed”

Hmm know what,I’ve fix them all and still fixing the smaller details that are mistake in the whole building,and i think i’m making progress. Anyway thanks for your helping (:,and soon i will upload the scene and then texture it after that.

You can ‘cover’ that empty space by simply pulling also the right wall to the left, the local will be smaller and also ‘warmer’ :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right,i think a lot of picking an object to put in this space…but nothing came in mind :),so I’ll do what you tell now.