Lead Singer in a Rock and Roll Band

Meet… errr… don’t know what her name is. I just started on her from scratch this morning in MakeHuman and decided I wanted to put a mohawk on her. While I haven’t decided her name yet (she’s on the disk as “mohawk-lady.blend”) I have decided she is the lead singer of a band. Now I’m struggling to come up with a futuristic rock genre similar to grunge rock.

Next steps for her is to create a bar scene behind her, put a microphone in her hand and change her pose to look like she’s in the middle of screaming out a song… or random noise or…

Been having a blast developing this character both visually and with a back story. She hasn’t a home in my writings yet but I’ve been mulling a few ideas around. She’s both shy and flamboyant and very artsy. Went from being a street kid getting into all sorts of trouble to an aspiring song writer and performer.

Spent a lot of time last night getting the curtains right along with dealing with crashes every once in a while. I like the curtain to the right better than the one behind her. Going to rip that curtain out and replace as well as start work on teh guitarist that needs to be in the scene.