Leaf Material

Working on a leaf material.
Leafs from sketch-up 3d warehouse.
Rendered with cycles.
I was trying to find the creator of the
wooden bucket. I can find website.
Material node settings included.


Here is the wooden bucket tutorial with blend file.


Very nice :slight_smile:

Looks nice. Try using a translucent instead of an SSS shader. I’ve seen people using diffuse and adding it to a translucency with an Add shader. It looks pretty nice and might help with render times.

You need to take a real picture of a leaf as diffuse, and then make a normal map from that image or paint your own. It just looks like a bunch of bubbly perlin noise. I’m not sure of any leaf that looks that way. I’m not sure why you need that many nodes to create that material, like I said, just grab a picture of a leaf off the internet.

I worked in a leaf shader, but it requires a picture as diffuse.

Yes, I think you guys are correct cause that leaf material looks very blurry at a distance.
Did about 200 samples on this one.

I know the reason now. I know why that first render was sharp. It was because I was rendering with
Blender 2.72. I rendered the second with Blender 2.77. Blender 2.77 was crashing to much and so
i used 2.72. It looks like Blender 2.77 is defective.
Here is another render with 2.72 and with only 70 samples is much sharper.


Using the latest built from:

It working fine now. Im not mixing the materials right.
Im just learning.