leaf system script

Um, the leaf system script crashes on me whenever I try to use the leaf function…I don’t really know how to use it, so that could be the problem…any ideas???

Do you mean the L-System script ?
What error do you get and which system ?

If you get something related to a global variable not being declared
try this:

Copy the Matrix.py and lsystem.py files to the site-packages subfolder in your python installation folder. Then load the neolsystem.blend file in Blender and run the Application.py script.



I noticed in the Lsystem-script, that when adding leaves there is a strange character in the name of the leave object, displayed as a square. When i delete this, the script runs fine, with leaves…
Maybe you could try this.


O.K. it’s not crashing now, but it won’t make any leaves on the branches…
How can I do that?

Did you try this script :


JMS, I’m extensively using the neo_lstseed228 script to produce plants for “Blending with Dinosaurs” and I planned to ask you for some new feature in the script (if possible).
For example: at the momemnt we can vary the spessor of the plant only for branches and trunk, but the leaves remain all the same size, even on the top where trunk and branches are thinner. Would it be possible to apply the variation to the leaves generation too, decreasing the size of the leaves as the spessor of the branch decrease?
And also, could it be possible to apply a recursive (don’t know if the term is correct) to the leaves themself, to produce, for instance, fern-like foliages?


Do you know this :

Thank you for the link JMS! this looks useful, the latest version has dxf/obj export too.

Who knows how to specify the codec for java? I am using Simplyfied Chinese windows, we I run
java.exe -jar arbaro_gui.jar
it says
Error occurred during initialization of VM
java/lang/ClassNotFoundException: sun/io/ByteToCharGBK

Yes, I know Arbaro.
Well, I suppose the answer is: “no, it cannot be easily implemented”. :smiley:
Thanks anyway.


Depending on your requirements, PlantStudio might also be usable for scrubs and the like (produces DXF output)


This is not “my” script, i just added a fix to get the same shape
with the same data.

I quickly tried out PlantStudio (free now) and Arbaro and they both work great . These are a couple of excellent tools and although I like Lsystem, these seem more intuitive. The import in Blender for output from both of these programs works perfect as far as I can tell.

Is there a binary of arbaro?

An other tool : http://propro.iis.nsk.su/go/Wshop/povtree/povtree.html

there is a jar in the src archive - don’t remember how this works under windows, on the mac it starts with a double-click. maybe it also works if you drop it in a browser window…


The import in Blender for output from both of these programs works perfect as far as I can tell.

Well… I tried Arbaro in linux, and though it works pretty good (yes, after dealing with JRE installation, fixing weird problems and stuff), exporting to OBJ (better) or DXF (ugh!) gives really big files when meshes become heavy (try the “Eastern Cottonwood” preset to see what I mean ~32 MB mesh !). Trying to import these into Blender always freezes it.

Maybe importing the POV mesh file would work better, don’t know how to do it anyway.

Anyway there are a number of workarounds like changing leaf type to something with few vertices (Arbaro models the leaves too !), lowering leaves number, etc… which lead to a tree very similar to LSystem’s :wink:

IMHO, I’d rather keep using L-System … :expressionless:

Same problem under windows xp, but the OBJ model was imported in a few seconds with this script :

HUH HAH !!! :o :o :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Great script Sir ! Thank you very much !