I’ve created a leaf using the bezier curve method of adding a bezier curve, converting it to a polygon, and then adding points where necassary. My question is this. If I convert the resulting figure to a mesh (alt-c), and it gives me all of those vertices along the edges, how would I add vertices to the center to give better ease of object manipulation?


P.S. The attachment shows what I have


It might not be an answer to your question, but this tutorial shows you how to render realistic leaves. Increase the polygon count of the plane for more control.

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I think I’ll go with that tutorial instead!

Do you know how they made the rest of the plane transparent?

I don’t want to go through bezier editing again…

I don’t recall any Béziers in the tut.
If you follow the tut, you just need the alpha map (the black and white image, with the leaf being white and the rest of the plane black) which will make every black area transparent.

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Yeah, I figured out what was wrong.

For the alpha and bump maps, I just left the background transparent, so I added a layer behind them in Gimp with black coloring, and then changed the alpha value in Blender to 0.0.

Thank you for all of your help, I really appreciate it!

You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Just don’t rely on GIMP too much, because for complex scenes you can’t just fix every little texture problem with it.