Leaning Animation

I’ve been trying to make an animation of a person leaning. The reason is that it looks unrealistic when a person is standing and talking and their feet stay flat on the floor the whole time, but when I include leaning and taking a step within animations, it looks fake and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. In particular, when the motion of the pelvis finishes I have the arms hit the body and bounce off a little but I can’t get that to look good.

The animation is at https://youtu.be/DJGZCvKaeEw

Screenshot from 2020-10-26 18-19-06

Here’s my attempt to help you out:

Leaning Animation - BlenderArtists Works in Progress 2020-12-02 22-33-24 ezgif.com-gif-maker

For the hips, you can try making them move to the side a bit to the left of the screen. Think of it as if the centre of gravity is shifting.

Also have the torso rotate diagonally a bit.

(Also, I had to polish the animation, too, i.e. move a bunch of other bones a little bit here and there (those bones are hidden).

But as for the hands bouncing off, I’m not sure exactly what you’re aiming for. Are you using another animation as reference?
Even if you just record a video of yourself doing this pose naturally in the mirror and opening this video on loop beside blender would probably help.