Ok i’m sure there’s a tutorial for this but I haven’t had luck finding it so far.
I can make a little toon and have it “walk” or whatever, and move along at the same time.

Or to, say, lean to the right and come back. Or lean to the right and come back over and over again, as long as i’m holding down the key.

What I need to do now is have it lean gradually to the right and stay there as long as I hold the key down, and when I release the key, lean gradually back to upright.

It seems like it should be really simple, but any help would be appreciated.

Make an animation and in the logic bricks set up a keyboard sensor hooked up to an IPO or action actuator and set the mode of the actuator to Flipper.

Excellent! Thanks.

I still pointed it as an action type flipper.
but it works anyway

Still not really sure what ipo is for, everything i’ve done so far works as action
we’ll see when i run into it hehhh