Leap of Faith

This is the first full scene i have created. comments and crits welcome.


the tentacle has changed a little, and im redoing the man leaping…the sword is sharper and there is a shield now. I’ve also included the texture i used for the shield.


Looking like a good start. Here are a few thoughts.

  • I’d think about changing the camera angle. I actually like the high angle closeup of the man the best. It’s more dramatic, and just…feels better. (Don’t know how to explain it)

-you might want to lower the man relative to the rock he is jumping from. Otherwise he’s got a pretty inhuman vertical jump to get that high.

-The water needs more turbulance. (smaller waves, ripples, etc) Right now, it’s a combination between a glassy smooth sea and rough chop. Although it looks fine in the high angle pic…

It looks better. The first picture you posted I didn’t realize that was a guy and the water looked like sand. I was a bit confused. lol.

i agree, i dunno why it gets all flat and glassy like that when the camera is really close to the plane. the man right now is very simple, i think im just going to model him in pieces and place them accordingly, then i will have a quicktime movie for my demo reel showing different angles panning around him.

Are you going to use the shield in a close up? The texture is great, but the way it is in the scene you won’t see any of the detail. That is it on the top of the mountain right?

yeah thats it on the island, but i think in order to get the full effect, this is going to be a series of stills and a movie, to show everything without trying to clutter it. i agree u cant see much right now, i kind of want it that way until it looks better, haha.

It would be cool to set it up like a page from comic book. Like have a panel before the leap and during and have one where he is on the creature maybe. That way you can play with different angles with the different panels and not have to worry about rigging the guy. (unless he is already rigged of course)

here is an update, this time featuring a different texture to create a more unified color palette. i added some details to the man leaping, redid the tree on the island, and added a mesh with halo turned on to create water dripping from the octopus tentacle.


This is really nice :D…but later on id suggest fixin the boat a little :stuck_out_tongue:

true that, it’s all plain and boring right now. the way i like to make a scene is map it out with “sketched” meshes, then go back and hone in on each object, until im satisfied with the picture as a whole. i def need to get some nice textures from cgtextures.com and map them to the boat.

very cool concept, but obviously has a long way to go. one thing you could do to the tentacle is make it wrinkly. if you’ve ever seen a kraken up close, you’ll notice that the tentacles have lots of horizontal wrinkles, like so: http://usera.imagecave.com/CobraTheEnemy/p24b.jpg also, the suction cups need more of a hole in the middle, and should be wrinkley a well. for the final touches, try adding some barnicles, and maybe even a sea star to the tentacle for an aged look.

btw, i really like your rock, how’d you go about making it?

EDIT- one last thing: i can’t explain it, but the tentacle lacks malice. make it more malice-full ,plz.

maybe i should make it more menacing…add some spiky ridge like a t rex brow or something, ya know? the rocks were made by taking a cube, multi fractal subdivide, then in edit mode multiplied the cube into a hill, and added a rock texture from cgtextures.com with orco set to cube. used a bump map with Ambient Occlusion on and voila!

a spine down the back might actually look pretty cool, yeah. if you’re gonna go that way, you gotta make two. it would look cooler that way.

i took your advice and made it more menacing. i made the man smaller, so it looks like a real hill and a real leap instead of a dink pile of rocks…i added a spine to the tentacle and made it much larger and taller as well.