Leaping Characters?

Any clue how to do this? I’ve experimented with linV control… I tried suspending and restoring dynamics on collision to avoid objects flying all over. Thinking of simply animating the leap so the animation and hit sensors will fly, then stop if it hits a collision object.

Curious to know if it’s something simple to do with the motion actuator.

are you talking about the character physics type?

I have never Really had much luck with it,

I can do everything it does using a little python on a dynamic,

What style game are you going for?

I think you are trying to make a character jump
In that case…

Change to Character Physics Type
Keyboard-AND-Motion for logic
In the Motion Actuator, change to Character Motion and click on “Jump”
Set the Linear Vel to something reasonable, I find that .02 works fine for most realistic games