Learn Low poly modeling : Pokeball?

Hi all,
i basically suX at modeling and decided to learn low poly modeling these days inorder to update blender skills.
so i decided to make a pokeball model,
so that i can catchem all!!:evilgrin:

i have no clue where to start.
Thanks in advance for your help and advices.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klxEA0WhR6k, I just searched for blender pokeball tutorial on google=P

ok. i’ll try this asap and hopefully get back with a screenshot tomorrow.
Thanks for the link. The related vid semm to better though.

Hey how does this looks?:o:eyebrowlift:


pokeball41.blend (400 KB)

ok here’s the final render!

Look’s Great.

You could make the Middle line that seperate’s the Sphere’s a bit larger.

Other than that Great job:yes:

Thanks Bro!
i’ll try to fix that

Download Model: